Thursday, April 12, 2007

New RMC Tokina 28-55mm 1:4 zoom and a wonderful day in A'Dam

It's 13:35, 1h to the end of my working day, temperature is 16C (or so) and I'm looking forward for a special day shooting in A'Dam

First of all: I have gotten myself a version of Lightroom 1.0 at, until the package arrives I will be using the 30 day trial version for Mac. I already explained why I decided to use this particular program instead of UFraw or it's closed source Apple counterparts.

Second, is that my eBay "plunders" are arriving. Being the first of them an RMC Tokina 28-85mm 1:4 zoom with Pentax D mounting. I already took some shots yesterday, finding out that this (very heavy) objective has really amazing capabilities such as a incredible DOF, just watch this picture at full scale:

20070411-Tokina-28-85_test-12.jpgTijger in my backyard

I have to be indeed very careful as I can ruin a whole picture if I don't pay attention and some interesting/important part gets out of focus.

To use this manual lens on my Pentax *ist DL2 I set the option "permit aperture ring" in the C menu and set the AF off.

I will be posting some of the results in the *ist DL group in Flickr.