Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am a noisy photographer

Silver 02 16 maart 06, 2008
Originally uploaded by Enric Martinez
This is another preset, I called this Silver 02.
The effect tries to suggest (more than imitate) antique silver oxide tinted prints ("sepia"), but I'm not trying to make them pass for old photos. The omnipresent iso-noise gives it a dream-likes (or sometimes nightmare-like) atmosphere and the land and cityscapes are all obviously modern.
I am a very "noisy" photographer, I indeed search the iso-noise in the same way others search the grain in film. I use several tricks to increase noise, such as using high iso setting, shooting in poor light conditions or manipulating the grayscale mix in order to achieve the desired level of noise. Once again: I could use PS Elements or Gimp, but the result is on one side not the same and on the other side, I need to be able to apply it to dozens of photos on the fly.
I need to stress that I don't want or try to emulate film grain, I am experimenting with ISO-Noise because it is ISO-noise and behaves like ISO-noise; a feature that's different from grain: I have an good bunch of film cameras of both 35mm and medium format cameras, when I want film grain I can simply shoot film.
iso-noise is like the Great Shaitan of digital photography, where the word "crisp" is something like The Mecca... stir it up with a bit of flashy HDR and you will surely harvest dozens of prices, ohs, ahs and "good captures" in Flickr... soon you will think yourself that you are something more than a little cam-swinger with nothing to express except the topical kitsch clich├ęs for the dumb masses. ;)

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