Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Agifold, English folding cameras (1,2 and 3)

I recently finnished a series of 3 articles in my new blog About Photography. The fact is that I wanted to try this iWeb thingy... it's quite nice, so I will surely use it to publish some more stuff. Anyway, Blogger is much more convenient and creates lighter and faster loading blogs.

However, the important thing is the series itself. I began to write it in order to "fix" my impressions about this little known vintage medium format cameras. So, the first chapter is based alone on my impressions. On the second and third I explain the use of the exotic low-cost exposure meter that the 8-speed Agifold Rangefinder incorporates.
And, nope, the numbers are not LEDs or something the like, just that I put a LED light behind them for the picture (and well, did a lame exposure, shame on my lazyness).

Well, I just invite you to check them out... don't tell me that these cameras aren't freakish as hell, ROFLMAO.

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