Friday, March 30, 2007

First Entry on the revamped blog

I finally decided to revamp my old blog, erase it´s (little) content and use ti for something real useful: Instead of ranting about something I will use it as a way to fix my ideas and rething the stuf I a am currently engaged in. And that´s photography.

Both, digital and film.

Thus I will begin with a list of my gear:

  • Digital:
    • Pentax *ist DL2 (with only a 18-55mm Pentax DA zoom)
    • Kodak C300 Easyshare (3,2 Megapixels, but very handy)
    • HTC-Wizard´s 1 Mpix phonecam
  • Analog:
    • Minolta SG 1(m) (Minolta SX 28-70mm and Tokina 80-200mm)
    • Holga 35 AFX (that´s a Lomo type with plastic lens)

I use film mostly in BW and shoot almost only color with my *ist DL2, as it lacks a way of directly shoot in BW. Well, you can apply a filter ¡, but this isn´t quite handy when you want to make a dozen shots in a row of a building while you walk through a crowded Amsterdam a Saturday evening. But it shoots astonishing color, it would be pity to alter them.

Thats where I use film: BW. The only problem I have with flm right now is that the developement is darn expensive: 19.50€, plus 10€ each Ilford HP5+ film, plus 50 eurocents each scan from the negatives. They make  a real professional work at my photostore, but I am not this rich that I can afford to get all the stuff developed that I am able to shoot in a normal session. But thanks to the modern technologies I have my nice Pentax.

The solution is obviously a scanner and learning to develop myself. I already have a comby Epson Stylus DX6000 capable of 9600 bpp resolution, witch is ideal as a size but needs some extra work setting it propperly up.

My next film adventure will be using a cheap 400  ASA BW film from HEMA (9,5€ a pack of 3) and let it be developed as if it where normal film at a 24h service. Stay tuned ;)

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